DIVINE DARK WISDOM : Embracing the Shadow Side

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This audio and video series features over 215 pages of practical tips, meditations, spells, affirmations and writing exercises. We will dismantle the tired narrative of empaths being “helpless, sacrificial and victimized” and tap into the other side of our identity. The darker side which allows us to be more multidimensional and thus a more honest version of ourselves. This course is designed for those interested in tapping into the lost art of dark energy and dark magic. We go beyond the passive notions of “boundary setting” and work on establishing a clearer picture of how highly sensitive individuals can utilize their gifts for their own needs.

Though this course is self-paced, it includes recorded live streams where participants ask questions and engage in their shadow work on a deeper level.

What's included:

  • 215 page workbook
  • Which Dark Divine Feminine Archetype are you most aligned with? (A quiz) 
  • Shadow Activation Quiz 
  • Video & audio shadow integration activities

The Syllabus:


  • Who is the Dark Empath?
  • Dark Energy + Dark Magic - What are they and why are they so demonized?
  • The Laws of Nature: Hunt or be Hunted


  • The Empathic Narcissist - How your “goodness” is your mask & How most empaths are not as innocent as they may seem
  • The Darker Side of Empathy - How to use your empathic gifts to your advantage
  • Invoking and cementing the Dark Goddess Energy in Your Life


  • WITCH UP: Tools to set your boundaries and transform your life
  • From Giver to Receiver - The Cosmic Pendulum and How you block your own blessings
  • A Lesson in Ruthlessness : How to spiritually audit and design your life without apology 

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DIVINE DARK WISDOM : Embracing the Shadow Side

8 ratings
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