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The Money Bag - Material Abundance

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The Money Bag - Material Abundance


A 60 minute subliminal/self-hypnosis mp3 is for those interested in attracting material wealth to their business. Affirmations are hidden behind meditation music and encoded in each audio file at an inaudible frequency so that they can reach your subconscious. You do not need to repeat any affirmations, just sit back, listen and relax.This file is intended to be played as you sleep so do not listen to this audio if you are driving or operating any machinery.

The 60 minute audio includes subliminal hypnotic suggestions to:

  • Activate money flows & increases
  • Combat dry spells and slow seasons
  • Dismantle Negative Belief Systems Around Money
  • Invite Financial Protection To Your Business
  • Get over your fear of selling/self-promotion
  • Generational Wealth Creation
  • Receive Sales/Business Opportunities from all over the world


    Full access to my two part Dreamwork As Radical Resistance Workshop Series.

    Come prepared to learn more about the radical legacy of dreamwork and how our dreamspace can be reclaimed as a portal for manifestation.

  • The 4 hour workshop series features
    • guided meditations
    • historical lessons on the radical legacy of dreamwork in diasporic communities
    • techniques for manifesting your dream life in your sleep
    • information on the modern reality of tech, privacy and the role that dreams plays in our lives
    • creative outlets for dream workers: dream journaling + beyond 
    • suggestions for dream interpretation + dream companions
    • pdfs/supplemental reading that gives you more in depth information on dreaming. 

      Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final.
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a 60 minute mp3 filled with 8d audio, binaural beats, solfeggio frequencies, & subliminal messages for your subconscious mind

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